Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fashionista's First Fling with Crocheting

Today I introduced The Fashionista to the wonderful art of crochet. I was taught by my beloved Aunty Deb, when I was about her age (9). Despite not doing a lot if it, I have always preferred crocheting to knitting as it seems to take me less time to accomplish something.
Firstly I started by teaching her the basic chain stitch which the little madam picked up on very quickly.

Then we moved onto how to make a granny square.  With a bit of help from the Mama she started making one and in order to remember how do a double crochet stitch she made up a wee story. Apparently it involves a robber, then a policeman who chases the robber into a cave and then retrieves a stolen jigsaw. Rather imaginative and it certainly helped her remember how to make the stitch.

She is quite thrilled with her first piece and despite not yet finishing it, has already grabbed another ball of wool in order to make a green one next. I do hope she isn't planning on making me a green and gold blanket (Aussie colours) for Christmas ... hmmm

A side note, sadly (Aunt) Debbie, although only 8 years older than me, passed away from cancer at age 34. She was a lovely, vibrant woman who I spent a lot of time with. She left me with a lot of great memories, and I feel so lucky that I can teach my girls something that she taught me.

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