Sunday, November 13, 2011

RIP Tyson, Bella and Kirby

It has not been a good year for us with our beloved family pets.

Firstly Agent Smelly's wee little Kirby went missing and we simply have never seen him again. He was the most special kitten. He was very friendly and got along with everyone in the house, he didn't even pay any heed to Tyson. He used to lay on the girls and suckle on their pj's. They would throw him over their shoulder and drag him around the house and he just took it. We had to laugh one day when he decided that Ty's bed looked the perfect place for a nap. Ty walked over looked down at him, made some whiny noise, Kirby just opened an eye looked at him and went back to sleep. Poor old Ty just wandered off and went and laid on the floor elsewhere and we all laughed at the big sook bested by a kitten.

In early September The Fashionista's cat, Bella, went missing. She had gone missing for weeks before so we weren't too concerned although we had gone looking for her. Then a week later I was taking the girls for their music lessons and came across her by the side of the road. It was quite sad and The Fashionista was simply heartbroken.

Two weeks after we lost Bella Bella, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Tyson. He had been with The Pig and I for so many years and so as you can imagine we were pretty heart broken. He had gotten very ill during the last couple of weeks and the vets suspected cancer but couldn't confirm it totally, despite us spending a small fortune on tests. He lost a load of weight in those weeks as he could hardly eat and then he started having seizures which was just breaking my heart so in the end we had to make that always painful decision to say our goodbyes to the old fella. I think I sobbed for days. He was the most annoying and troublesome and grump old dog and yet we loved him so very, very, much! Poor little Scruffie really misses his playmate too.

This photo was taken a month or so before his passing. We think his bones were aching (he suffered with severe arthritis) as he was not allowed on the furniture, but had taken to getting on the couch, armchair or our bed! at every opportunity.

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