Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Library Reading Challenge

Last month the local library put out a reading challenge which our children signed up for.

They received a passport and each time they read a book on one of the 6 different subjects they got a stamp in their "passport". They also received a booklet where they had to write a review, poem, draw a scene from the story, or a character or the book cover, etc. once they had finished the book.

The six adventures the children had to read about were snow, mountain/volcano, river, ocean, desert and jungle. The subjects were not easy for the older children unless they read non-fiction books or they were really quick readers who could rip through something like Tom Sawyer in a couple of days.

In our desperation to find some books that wouldn't take forever, we came across Graphic Novels. What a bonus! I will tell more about these in another post though.

Copy of a book cover

Volcano facts and a poem on a book pertaining to a river.

Agent Smelly's picture of Baloo from The Jungle Book - had me in fits of laughter!

As they completed their books their were rewards along the way. Here they are with their headlamps and diaries.

They finished with a little soiree at the library with some party food and the opportunity to make a fake snow man. Then each participant was awarded a book. The Fashionista received The War Horse so was pretty stoked!

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