Monday, August 26, 2013

Are there spaces between Liquid Particles?

Not sure Agent Smelly needed the plastic glasses but they do so like the theatrics of science!

Today for chemistry one of the things we did, after discussing what an atom was, was a quick experiment to determine whether there were spaces between liquid particles.

  • two 100ml glass beakers (or similar) - one needs to be seal able (we used one of those beakers with the thin neck and simply placed a thumb over the hole in the top
  • water
  • methylated spirits

  • Measure out EXACTLY 50ml water into one beaker and EXACTLY 50 mls methylated spirits into the other that can be sealed.
  • Add the water to the methylated spirits. Then place your hand/thumb over the top and give it a shake to mix the liquids.
  • Measure the combined volume. 50ml liquid plus 50 mls liquid = ?????

Well the girls were quite surprised to learn that it didn't add up to 100mls (I was a bit surprised at the volume difference too if I am honest) but what a great experiment to show that there must be space between those atoms ... it just differs dependent on whether it is solid, liquid or gas.

Best thing about this experiment, well I then used the mixture to clean down the windows right behind them ... hehe

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