Monday, August 19, 2013

Bar Charts

Bar charts now have a very good name in our house and this is why...

I handed each of the girls a small container of Smarties (they were on sale) and had them sort them into colours and provide me with a bar chart. They really got stuck into this and quite enjoyed what they were doing.

After they had completed their bar charts, they compared their totals, there was only 1 Smartie different, so of course I generously helped them even them out.

I then told them that they could each remove 1/4 of their stock (see what I did there ... clever ey!) and eat them whenever they wished to. Surprisingly The Fashionista ate hers straight away (this kid still has lollies that she has been given over 12 months ago from party bags she has received!) unsurprisingly Agent Smelly inhaled hers immediately!


  1. Lisa,

    I would also love bar charts if Smarties were involved! I love how you find interesting ways for your girls to experience maths. I understand Agent Smelly totally. Put me next to some smarties and I'd inhale them too!


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