Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Funnies

We have been studying poetry this year and Agent Smelly, whilst not exactly a gifted poet, has taken to writing little poems in her spare time. She has, shall we say a rather unique style, which I thought I'd share with you cause they simply crack me up.

The cheeky genius 
There was a genius,
 He was quite cheeky,
 He was a rascal,
 And he was sneaky.   
White Fluffy Feet
There once was a little hamster with white fluffy feet,
And a poodle ran down the plain old street,
And the hamster looked at it for a while
and then the poodle said to it
"Who you lookin' at?"
and one of my faves ... cause what goes through this kids mind????
Love of Another
Love of another, that love is for you,
I am your lover, and how about you?
I gave my heart to thee,
and you looked at me and gave me a kiss ...
but then I realised it was only to make me shut-up!
This week I received an email from her, asking if I'd like be added to her mailing list and she'd send me two new poems every Friday. Of course I jumped at the chance ... goodness knows what gems of wisdom I'll receive!

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