Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Funnies

Last weekend we attended a beautiful wedding in Auckland City. The bride had some relatives come all the way from the UK for the wedding.

One of them was a 12 year old girl, so The Fashionista was introduced to her and they struck up a conversation for much of the evening, which was rather nice.

The Papa and I were vastly amused when not long after she met the young lass, from Stratford upon Avon, she came running over to tell us that the lass had actually been too the church where Shakespeare was buried.  She couldn't have been more excited. 

Hello ... NERD ALERT!


  1. I think that's cool! Oh, guess I must be a nerd too :-)

    1. I'd like to say it was due to home education but I went to public school and was an A1 nerd too. So I guess it's a case of "chip off the old block".


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