Saturday, October 5, 2013

A funeral and a wake ...

The girls are visiting Grannie J and I just rang to see how it's going and to confirm when it would be convenient to pick them up.

I was surprised to learn that I'd just interupted a wake. The three of them were happily indulging in biscuits, cake and cups of tea. Of course this wake was news to me and I had to ask for whom it was being held ... apparently they had just held a funeral outside for a praying mantis that they'd caught this morning.

They all said a few words and buried him (apparently they had decided it was a boy) in the garden.

Grannie quite happily participates in all their imaginative "games" fully. I hope the neighbours weren't listening over the fence ... goodness knows what they would have heard!


  1. Lisa,

    I can just imagine what the neighbour would have heard! Grannie sounds like a lot of fun. I bet your girls love visiting her. RIP praying mantis

    1. She is a really easy going lady and happy to join in with them, in any of their antics or games. They are so lucky that she is so devoted to their happiness. She is never too busy, tired, etc to play with them. She's quite a lady.


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