Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Night at the Theatre


This week the girls and I had the pleasure of going into the beautiful Civic Theatre in Auckland to see the theatre production of Wicked.

I didn't actually know much about the story, I just knew it was linked with The Wizard of OZ and I like to take the girls to the theatre at least once a year so off we went with some new and very lovely homeschooling friends and our local college drama class. Being in New Zealand, frankly we don't get a lot of Theatre shows so you sort of grab them when you can.

I have got to say I was SO not disappointed, in fact I would have to say it was one of the best productions I have seen in years. Yes even better than the Thomas the Tank one I took the girls to when they were younger. ;)  Both my daughters loved it (despite it being a bit loud for The Fashionista a couple of times).

The story in this show is amazing and has a very good moral. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but it is basically about how the Elphaba (the wicked witch) in the movie ended up wicked (or was she really?). Jemma Rix, who played the "wicked witch" simply had the most beautiful voice and had me spellbound each time she came on stage. Maggie Kirkpatrick (remember her as Joan the nasty prison officer from Prisoner?) played Madam Morrible and was just magnificent, she just commanded the stage and Suzie Mathers as Glinda (in NZ) was just adorable and very funny in her role.

Agent Smelly endeavouring to look "Wicked".

Funny little story about the word "Wicked". My ma-in-law years back used to prepare dinner and look after a couple of young boys after school at their house until their professional parents arrived home from work. She used to help them with their homework also and one of the questions the older boy once had, was to use one word to describe your father. Well the young boy in question wrote "Wicked", as in awesome. Well my dear ma-in-law, who was in her 70's only knew that the word wicked meant evil so was horrified and was gently trying to get him to change it. It apparently took a while before she understood he was actually saying his dad was awsome and not evil. She still laughs about it today.


  1. Lisa,

    Your girls look beautiful all dressed up! We haven't seen Wicked and really don't know anything about this production. I wondered about the title! I don't suppose we'll have the opportunity to go to the theatre but no doubt a DVD version will be released eventually, and we'll see it then. Sounds like you had a wonderful night out!

    1. My girls love any opportunity to throw on some special clothes.

      Yes the title is off-putting but the story is marvelous and it very much ties in with the theme.


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