Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Harry Potter Learning Activities

This week for Harry Potter, we read another chapter of the book, filled in the questionnaire that related to the chapter we'd read and also did some .

In one of the earlier chapters one of the things on Harry's school book / uniform list was that they may bring either an owl, cat or toad with them to Hogwarts, so I had the girls write a paragraph for me on which they'd choose and why? The Fashionista thought an owl would be good to poop on any enemies (this is what you get when you homeschool I suspect, trying to make their mama laugh!), Agent Smelly included the following poem in her answer.

The Moonlight Owl
My postie was my owl,
it delivered late at night,
that's why I called it the Moonlight owl
but it had a bad habit to bite.

Their Family of Owls
Both girls chose owls (I suspect because of Harry's own beautiful owl) so when we did art later in the week I had them make clay owls. Our clay wasn't very good as it kept breaking up but they still came out kind of cute. TF made one big one and AS made a wee family.

For living maths I wrote up some random maths questions based on the wizarding currency, galleons, sickles and knuts (IE one galleon = 17 sickles) and on some of the things mentioned in the book. Did you know unicorn horns are 21 galleons each ... seems rather pricey to me but these ones are apparently silver so maybe that's not a bad price.  The "chocolate" gold coin was an incentive for them ... nothing like a little bribery to have them finish quickly so they could eat their galleon.


  1. Lisa,

    I love the owls!

    I've been thinking about your Harry Potter quote plates. I think we might try decorating some plates and cups as Christmas presents. I wonder if coloured Sharpies will work. We'll have to experiment.

    1. A couple of ours did fade away. The red and orange - but to be honest ours were those $2 shop sharpies and not good ones. I am pretty sure that makes a difference. The black and navy ones we have done have lasted well though.


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