Thursday, October 24, 2013

Swimming Lessons

One of the few stipulations that The Papa had about homeschooling that the girls be taught to swim well. He himself is not a strong swimmer and it is something he feels strongly about because we have a bach (holiday house) down at a seaside village.

I was finally able to organise swimming lessons for homeschoolers in the area, this year at a nearby swim centre. I have been trying to talk the centre into it for years but was finally able to negotiate some good rates this year. We meet once a week and have 30 minute lessons. As there are only two teachers available (it's a rural swim centre so can be a bit quiet) we have lessons there for about 1 1/2 hours (there have been five or six groups each term) but all end up there longer whilst the kids have a play before, between, and after their lessons. There are about 24 kids having lessons so it's kind of cool to see so many homeschool kids mucking about in the water together.

The Fashionista, who is in her final level for lessons passed her speed trial this week (she swims faster than me now!), which I think means she graduates from the lessons. She had to swim four laps of the "big" pool (there are three there) under 2 mins 30 secs. She'll continue to come next term as Agent Smelly still has 3 more levels to finish, but will simply do laps with a couple of the other kids who have completed their levels. I am very happy as it means saving some money next term on lessons ... hehehe

What I like about swimming lessons is that not only do they learn to swim but their teacher really puts them through their paces and has them working hard so it really gives them a work out.


  1. Lisa,

    I agree that all children need to be able to swim well. Yes, it's good exercise. A couple of my kids swim laps on Saturday mornings. Personally, I don't like swimming. All that water makes a mess of my hair! But the girls do enjoy swimming very much. Sounds like your girls do too.

    1. The Fashionista really likes a challenge and is enjoying that part of it especially. She is 2 seconds off breaking 100mtrs in 2min; it's her personal challenge she told me. It is interesting to see how many of the girls in her group (there are no boys at that level yet) are really pushing themselves to break the 2 min 30 and how they all get excited for each other when another makes it. I know not all kids revel in that kind of challenge so it has surprised me to see some personal competitiveness in these h/s kids.


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