Friday, September 27, 2013

Super Hero Day

It's International Homeschool Spirit Week 2013, (the fourth week of September each year).
On each day of the week there is a theme. This years Homeschool Spirit Week Schedule of Events was as follows:
Pajama Day – Monday, September 23rd -Sponsored by CurrClick
Homeschool Away from Home Day – Tuesday, September 24th – Sponsored by iHomeschool Network
Crazy Hairstyle Day – Wednesday, September 25th – Sponsored by Hip Homeschool Moms
Volunteer Outside Your Home Day – Thursday, September 26th – Sponsored by Great Homeschool Conventions (right here!)
Super Hero Day – Friday, September 27th – Sponsored by
Free Homeschool Deals
Here are the girls and Scruffie and Rory participating in Super Hero Day.
I posted this photo on the International Homeschool Spirit Facebook Page and they re-posted it to everyone ... the girls think they are like celebrties or something now!


  1. What beautiful super heroes! Seeing Scruffie in the photo makes me think of your new puppy. How are they getting on together?

    1. Oh they are having a ball together Sue. Rory has just inched past Scruffie in height! Did you notice him sitting on TF's knee ... he was having a right great time running around the house in his cape.


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