Monday, September 23, 2013

New Addition to the Family

Meet Rory ... he's a seven week old, German Shephard (mum) and Border Collie (dad) cross. The vet very kindly pointed out to me that we are going to have a very intelligent and active dog on our hands ... gee thanks!

He is Agent Smelly's baby and of course we got him purely for homeschooling purposes. And whilst I joke about that in fact she has to work out his feeding times, measure how much he eats and of course there's a lot of home economics involved, puddles everywhere! She is also expected to note down his shots, etc. and later they will be going to Puppy Training, which we think is going to be a great training excercise for her ... not sure about the mad mutt! The Fashionista, anxious to be involed, has started using Excel in order to keep a running tally of all his expenses. Every shot, lead, toy (I am tripping over them and him!) is recorded diligantly by her. Probably so she can point out to us that her sister has been given this much money for Rory (although Agent Smelly has spent a fair bit of her own money on his toys), so now it's her turn for a puppy ... lol


  1. Lisa,

    What a beautiful puppy! Some years ago we had a border collie/ kelpie cross. She was FULL of energy and chased the younger children, nipping at their heels as she tried to round them up! No doubt your dog will love all the space on your property. And he will get lots of love from your girls.

    1. Little monster is worse than a baby, demanding attention constantly and then collapsing into a deep sleep on and off throughout the day and night! Lucky he's cute ... or I'd pop in the cooker ... lol


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