Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Funnies

Agent Smelly was not eating her soup for dinner as she didn't like it! She can be a bit of a pain on occasion and tells you she's full when it is not something she really wants to eat. If it was something I knew she really oculdn't eat of course I wouldn't make her but she's been trying this on a bit lately and then half an hour later she ends up begging for something to eat, cause she is suddenly hungry and it is usually something sweet that she wants.

So rather than sitting there all night, or getting into an argument, I sat down beside her and smiled and sweetly said "if you are going to be a baby I'll treat you like one" and I picked up the spoon and started feeding her.

Her eyes widened and we both started smiling, and she actually sat there and ate it. My mum mentioned once that sometimes children are simply too tired or lazy to eat and I think she probably felt this way today, who knows. 

Unfortunately I decided to make a choo choo noise just like when she was little, and as I placed the soup in her mouth I toot tooted which made her burst into a big laugh and that was how I ended up with pumpkin soup all over my face and dripping off my glasses.

To make matters worse, as we all sat there laughing she was "Oh no-ing" and trying to be helpful and wipe the soup away with her serviette which was just making things worse as I ended up not being able to see anything with glasses covered in pumpkin soup.

Next time I may just let her go to bed on an empty stomach!

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