Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some Photos for our Postcard Exchange Peeps...

It was such a beautiful Spring Day here in New Zealand this week, so I took the girls out around our little town to take some photos for our international postcard exchange friends ...

This is the view from our house. You can just see our cows sleeping down the hill.

Local Views

Agent Smelly's Picture of Main Street ... imaginative street name ey!
The Fashionista's shot of the hustling and bustling "Main Street".
And because we are homeschoolers ... the new library!

St Margarets Anglican Church which is over 100 years old.

Presbyterian Church taken from across the Rugby fields.

Local Scout and GirlGuide Den - could do with a paint!
Our busy local Fire Station run purely by volunteers!
Our revamped Ambulance station
This vintage fire truck was restored by the Te Kauwhata Fire Brigade and lives in it's own wee garage (with glass windows) up the top of Main Street. It is is hard to photograph through the windows. It is used at special events in our town and kids look forward to riding on the back at some of the town events. Santa travels on it each Christmas when Main Street is closed off and the community holds it's own Christmas Parade.
This picture was taken a few years back when the truck was lent to the Hamilton Fire Brigade
 to be used for the funeral of a fireman there killed in the line of duty.
Our local Fire brigade are in the process of trying to raise more money in order to restore
 another fire truck that is even older than this one.

These are some other photos that I had on my PC, taken at other places around NZ.

This is a Kiwi Bach (pronounced batch, short for bachelor pad).
A bach used to be a very small or modest holiday house or cabin and were often filled with
second-hand furniture . They were often built by family and are an iconic part of New Zealand
 history and culture. Ours was built by my father-in-law and is down by a popular beach,
 called Whangamata. These days our bach is surrounded by a lot of posh holiday homes
 and trendy restaurants and although inside we have modernised it a bit over the years,
 people who stay there really like the charm and come back reminiscing about baches,
 requesting we let it retain it's original charm which is great cause we can't afford to do it up ... lol.

Sky Tower, Auckland
View of Auckland from the Sky Tower

Rotorua Museum
One of the many thermal pools in Rotorua - this one is fenced as it is TOOO hot.

One of the mud pools at Rotorua

Will keep updating this with photos as I come across them. If anyone has anything they would like a specific photo of please don't hesitate to ask and if it's possible will try and get one.


  1. Lisa,

    You live in a beautiful place! I'm going to share your photos with my girls. You might remember we 'visited' New Zealand recently. I'd love to see the mud and thermal pools!

    1. It is a sweet town. We are currently at some crossroads as we love where we live but are feeling it might be time to move on to somewhere else. Maybe back closer to a bigger town. We always have to travel quite a distance and are a bit over that.

  2. Your town is stunning. So much open space, blue sky and countryside! My parent-in-law were in NZ last year and came back telling us all about how they stayed at their friends' bach. I think yours looks perfect :-)

    1. I often think how delightful your pictures are of life in England.

      Our bach was built my father-in-law and is probably around 50 years old now. He has been gone for quite a few years now but his bach is still standing strong and sturdy.

  3. It is a rather beautiful country, but I have to admit your daily view of it is rather lovely

    1. It's why we are torn about shifting. Love the view, loathe the distance.


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