Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank You's and Gift Cards for the Mad Hatters Tea Party

When the guests leave the Mad Hatters Tea Party, in order to thank their guests for coming, the girls have prepared some wee gift boxes for them to take home with them.

We found some printables online at "Don't Eat the Paste" blog.

We simply selected the design (there are a few to choose from and even another section with some Alice in Wonderland quotes, so we printed those too) and printed them onto some A4 card stock.

Cut the design out.

Because the oldest daughter takes forever to cut things perfectly and the younger one rushes (and therefore makes her own lines to cut along ...) after them each cutting one, I offered to cut the rest for them, which they readily agreed to. Otherwise I think they would even now, be cutting them out.

The girls then folded the cards into boxes and they did really well, I only needed to show them the first one and they were off. We used some double sided tape (like what you use in scrapbooking and card making) on the tabs to keep the boxes together.

On the day, so they remain fresh, we will fill each little box with four or five large lollies and place some curling ribbon around the boxes to keep the lollies secure inside.

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