Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Soul Surfer Movie Review

The girls and I recently purchased the DVD Soul Surfer as I had heard such good things about the movie and have been itching to see it.

It's the true story of a christian girl, Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm to a 14 foot tiger shark in her home town in Hawaii. Bethany's feisty determination and her deep abiding faith in God, has her back on the board three weeks after losing her arm and then she goes on to surf competitively again!

We absolutely loved this movie. At times we got so excited (or when the shark attacked ... very gruesome filming there people) that we were out of our seats. We just couldn't sit still. The actors were great (Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt gave outstanding performances), the music inspiring, the story just sensational and it left us all feeling great. Agent Smelly looked up at me when it ended and very emphatically said "Mum, I just loved that movie".

Amazingly despite the shark attack scene and Bethany's loss of her arm, it even left us all inspired to try our hand at surfing ... go figure, it's simply that kind of movie!

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  1. We have this one on the computer somewhere I think. Must watch it :)


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