Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rocket Day

Rocket Day is held in Taupiri, in February each year by the New Zealand Rocketry Association.

Members from around the country get together to parade their stuff and swap information on rocketry and visitors are more than welcome.

"There are rockets galore from ready-to-go rockets for young kids to the largest ones going for 30,000 ft or more and everything in between. Rockets going at mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) is always on the cards. That's faster than a speeding bullet! Some are still works-in-progress so you can see just how clever some people are with their hands and brains. Upwards of 60 rockets can be launched on the day. More rockets than NASA!"

The Pig took the girls off to see the rockets and they ended up paying to make and fly one of their very own!

If the excitement that was evident when they got home was anything to go by, the whole three of them had a great day out. They are even planning what they will do at next years event.

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