Monday, February 13, 2012

February; the Mama's Second Card Class

After such fun last month I was itching to return for another card making session. My good friend "R" and her daughter "K", who are also a homeschooling family joined us, as did another new friend and Guide Leader.

The group gets split into two and it appears that whilst one group does a challenging card, the other does the simpler one. We then swap over to the make the other card. What is great about the simpler card, is that there are a few options to change things around a little to make it more individual.

I just love, love, love this card and with the red and black detailing I just know who this is going to be used for! The flower was challenging to make but the effect was worth it. It was interesting to see all the changes everyone made to their smaller Thank Your card and what was interesting is that they were all really nice.

Bring on March!

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