Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Invitations to the Mad Hatters Tea party

Today the girls posted their invitations to their Mad Hatters Tea party. They have invited nine little homeschooled girls to the event which will take place on a Friday afternoon, just for a couple of hours.

These are the invitations that we designed and printed in different colours.

We all know how nice it is to get something in the mail, so despite two families having multiple invitees we made sure that each girl received their own personal invite in their own personal envelope addressed just to them. Thankfully those families live nearby so we popped their invites in their post boxes which saved the cost of stamps.

From what I understand each girl was overjoyed to receive something in the mail addressed just to them, which certainly makes that little extra effort worthwhile.

My girls meantime have learnt what to include on an invite, i.e., date, time, place, dress, RSVP etc. and where to place that on the inside. I even learnt something myself in regards to RSVPing. Apparently now it is acceptable to just put on the invites that unless you advise to the contrary it will be taken that you will be coming. I think I still prefer the old way where you receive confirmation or not. Also what if an invitation goes astray in the mail and you just assume they are coming?

I did laugh when a couple of the RSVP's were late, the girls were so anxious for me to follow the invitees up. I explained that you usually wait a day or two before following anyone up.

Because there are so many children with allergies and intolerance's, and some we haven't entertained before, I thought it prudent to add something about advising us on the back of the card, rather than them turning up and not being able to eat anything. Making gluten free, and such is not really too hard these days as long as one knows.

We have had a couple of girls respond with known allergies (pork products) so that's easy to accommodate. We are simply substituting ham and bacon with chicken in one of our recipes.

Thankfully most of the girls can attend, so my little hostess's are now at the next planning stage ... the activities. Let's hope there is no rain on the day!

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