Monday, July 7, 2014

Watercolouring Book Pages

I was cleaning the school room up recently and found an old book that I had gotten from the library purposely to make a wreath with. Being me I hadn't gotten around to making the wreath but I had the sudden idea to do the following.

First of all I drew a quick picture with a black marker on one of the pages. I know it sounds horrible to be drawing in books but the pages were already falling out which is why I picked that book at the library.

Then I coloured the picture "partially" in with some watercolour pencils.

Then I popped some water gently over the coloured bits and voila! You could easily use water coloured paints, this was just easier for me to grab and use.

The kids were watching what I was doing and before long they were right into churning out lots and lots more pictures ...

As you can see from these two pictures above, don't always colour the whole picture. They look great with some of the text showing through.


Sadly the photos don't do justice to how awesome and effective these look in person but everyone who enters the school room comments on how great they look. So if you are looking for something easy and quick for the kids (and the mama's) to do then I'd recommend trying this for some fun. I may even frame a few of my favourites down the track.


  1. Lisa,

    Oh wow! These look good. I like how the text shows through the colours. Drawing in books? Not all books are worth preserving in their original condition. I have one I keep meaning to 'modify': add paint and pasted in pictures and words. I am sure there is a special name for doing this with old books, but it escapes me at the moment! I hope you make your wreath too. That sounds like an interesting project!

    1. Oh Sue, I didn't read the book because I grabbed it from a stack the library was turfing and Hana started reading her page an it had a mild love scene ... think Mills and Boons. Hana was in hysterical laughter at how "bad" a mum I am... cheeky money, lol

    2. Lisa,

      That is so funny! Thanks for the smile.


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