Friday, July 25, 2014

Let It Go ... Let It Go ...

As some of you know recently Agent Smelly had her 10th birthday. Now we don't do birthday parties every year (cause I feel it far too much pressure frankly as I get a bit caught up in all the fun) but we do let the kids have one when they turn "double digits", amongst a couple of other "special" birthdays. 

A.S. has been planning her birthday for the past year, if not more, and the chosen theme was "mermaids" cause she just loves them. Anyway recently she has become shall we say rather "obsessed" with the movie Frozen so I had to be silly and say "geesh maybe we should be planning a 'Frozen' party". Well oh dear, did her face light up, so despite me planning for a mermaid theme I had to "let it go" and plan a Frozen one. She was jumping for joy when I agreed to it. Thankfully nearly all of the stuff I had bought to-date was suitable for both ... gotta love blue, so it wasn't too bad a change.

So I thought I'd share our little Frozen party with you. Twas the night before Frozen ... and mama had set the table in readiness...

Those little sparkles across the table are tiny little blue gems that sparkle like frozen ice.
Two bottles of lemonade and a bottle of blue energy drink and some ice and the drink fountain looked awesome. Kids were slightly hyper but once it was finished
they got water or juice so it worked out OK.  

Found me some blue jelly beans; the kids (and adults) were in raptures!

Best thing ever ... everyone had a named bottle and no-one was
looking for their bottle or reusing and wasting lots of cups.
The first cake I have "properly" iced. Hastily made at 7am the day of the party!
Later a dear friend told me you are supposed to use this icing about 3 days
before eating so it has time to harden and set ... oops, hahaha

And the star of the show. Many of the guests came in theme ... oh so cute!
Agent Smelly just loved her Frozen birthday ... we had Olaf noses (carrots), sandwiches (we finish each others), and the general party fair. I put all the cupcakes out naked and that mess you can see on the bench behind is a decorating station where each child went crazy decorating their cupcakes however they wanted.
By the way does anyone want a mermaid cake tin ... hehe


  1. What a party! I don't do many parties now either. We have a special family day out instead, and a 'feast' for dinner of the birthday boy's favourite foods. I love the drinks dispenser. I have a few of them, but now I need a stand like yours!!

    1. Yes there were quite a few different versions of those dispensers but I fell in love with that stand so that one it had to be. I also bought some mason jars with handles to drink out and they go together beautifully. I can't wait until summer to use it more often.

      We always had our favourite foods for our birthdays when we were kids. Mine was my mum's apricot chicken.

    2. We love mason jars with handles. We have some cool glass straws that go really well with them. Apricot chicken sounds yum!


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