Friday, July 4, 2014

My Command Centre takes Off

I have been after a command centre for ages. I just love them and am hoping it will make me that little bit more organised ... dreams are free my friends!

For those that haven't seen them on Pinterest (that will be you my friend, Sue Elvis, but we will bring you around!)  here are a couple of examples ...

I decided to combine a couple of my loves in order to start my project, ie repurposing something old (I know how it is to start to being a bit older and feeling a bit useless hence my repurposing everything that I can!) and getting something snazzy for a real bargain.

Anyone remember these old spice racks? Well I picked this one up from the place I volunteer at for the princley sum of $2. People who know me will not be surprised that I always come home from there with some "find". I can't help myself.

Here she is again all snazzified with some black gloss test paint that I found in the garage. I wasn't going to go black but it seems to hide a multitude of sins (she was a bit yukkier in real life than the photo actually looks) and also will give a modern feel to my study, which should help with the house sale in due course, where the command centre will probably end up. I am not entirely sure what will go in it yet possibly some mail, invoices, receipts or such.

So that is my first piece for my command centre ... piece two is already on it's way peeps! Stay tuned.


  1. Lisa,

    You are quite right: I hadn't seen command centres on Pinterest. What a great idea! I'm not doing too well with Pinterest. Lots of thinking about it but not much pinning! I look forward to seeing the next stage of your centre.

  2. I love command centres, but I think even if I had one I would still be a disorganised mess!! On its way??? :)


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