Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First Aid

During the school holidays the girls had the opportunity to attend a St John's First Aid course. As it was the day before some party prep I had going on, they went with their lovely Guide leader and her daughter.

Both girls really enjoyed the course. They have told me loads and loads of things that they learnt and better yet remembered!

They learnt how to give mouth to mouth on a dummy and at one stage they had to practice making an emergency call on a phone.

Apparently The Fashionista reported to the person on the phone (her partner and BFF, who happens also to be the Guide Leader's daughter) that her mother (me!) had finally been driven to trying to kill her dad so an ambulance had better come quickly. Her partner in turn, reported to her, that the ambulance needed to come as her mother had jumped off a cliff due to the high stress she was under. Apparently the girls were in hysterical laughter over their calls to each other ... goodness knows what the lady taking the course thought of the pair of them. Those two are hysterically funny when they get together and Mrs E was amused on the way home in the car, to hear the pair of them discussing their colour scheme, etc for when they went flatting together when they were old enough.

It is so empowering for children to know what to do in a medical emergency, even if, hopefully the need never arises for them to put into use what they know. I'd really recommend getting along to one of these courses, at only $20 a head it was well worth it.

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  1. That's great value, and money well spent. Now your girls know how to make prank calls ;)


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