Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wetsuit Wackiness

One of the things I brought back from Melbourne with me, was a couple of wetsuits for the girls. Imagine, the cost of a new wetsuit (from supermarket ALDI) cost me as much as a second-hand one here of comparable quality (but with short sleeves and shorts legs) would cost me off TradeMe (NZ's answer to EBay) not including the postage! 

Please bring ALDI's to New Zealand ... paaaallllleeeeaaaaasssseeee!

They are so darn camera shy!


  1. I love ALDI. :) Don't shop there nearly often enough lately, though.

    1. I purchased a milk frother from ALDI whilst I was over there in Melb too. Twas AUD 25.00 (approx NZD 28) and whilst shopping on Friday I saw the same thing for NZD 80!!! We SO need ALDI in NZ, I shall have to start my own personal crusade ... lol


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