Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life in Early Crete

Chapter 18 - Life in Early Crete, Story of The World

Today we read chapter 18 which was about the Minoans and included the story "King Minos and the Minotaur". The Fashionista commented that she was pretty glad that she didn't live back then as she is pretty flexible and "bouncy" so fears she would have been one of those children that were made to be trained as bull jumpers. The one's that didn't live past 20 years old.

The girls put together a paper maze for their history journal and then we listened to this song on You Tube by History Teachers, as Agent Smelly responds particularly well to music. It was a great little song, words set to the Radiohead song Creep. I suggest, unless you don't mind that sort of thing, that if your children ask to hear the original song, you say you can't find it as I had forgotten it has a rather strong expletive in it ... more than once. I confess I did find it rather amusing to see both of their little mouths drop open as they looked enquiringly at me, when they heard it. The Fashionista said "did he just say a bad word?" and I had to say "er yes". Needless to say we only listened to it once and headed back to the history version. Last thing I needed was for those original lyrics to stick in their heads! The Papa had a chuckle when I told him later and apparently if the girls turn out with foul mouths then I am now to blame. Details for his funeral service will be posted later!

We also watched some you tube documentaries which were a little dry and basically similar to what we had read in our history book.

The girls made some Lego mazes (as I was a tad unprepared today) like the mazes in the Minotaur fable and that was about it.

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