Monday, May 20, 2013

The Early Greeks

Chapter 19 - The Early Greeks, Story of the World

After reading our chapter in the Story of the World, we put together a very basic lap book piece on the Mycenaeans and the Barbarians.

We then watch a part of some documentary on You Tube which made the girls threaten to kill themselves if they had to watch anymore of. I looked at a couple of others and they were all VERY dry and didn't appeal to the girls at all. So sorry no recommendations.

I was racking my brain to think of something that would appeal to them that coincided with the early Greeks so I prepared a meal like I thought the Greeks might eat. Dried fruit, gherkins, olives, cheese with some wine (OK it was simply blackcurrant and cranberry syrup with some sparkling water) served in wine glasses. Whilst they finished their book work I dragged one of the sofa's over to the other and set up the table. The girls were stoked!


Should I be worried that the first thing they tried was the "wine" ... I think they take after their Papa!

Whilst the "patriots" ate the Mama read the book, "I Wonder Why Greeks Built Temples" that I picked up at the library as one of their sale items for 50 cents. It covered lots of different areas but they were especially surprised (or should that read horrified) to hear that Greek brides were only 13 or 14 when they got married to their husbands who were 30 years or more. Agent Smelly then told her sister she only had a couple of years to go and started to try and marry off her sister, much to her sister's abject horror!

The Fashionista was impressed with Greek's democratic process and we spent some time discussing how it works (or doesn't) these days.

Really getting into the spirit of things!
At one stage they called the "slave girl", (namely me - so what's new!) for some more wine and Agent Smelly said "thank you". The Fashionista then asked whether they would have said "thank you" to their slaves. After some discussion (and giggles) the consensus was "probably not".

The Greeks ate a lot of olives ... apparently the Greeks can keep their stuffed green olives!

Both girls enjoyed the lesson immensely, which for some reason always seem to be the case when food is involved!


  1. Lisa,

    I love hearing all your ideas and resources. I would have enjoyed a Greek meal too!

    1. Thanks Sue. They have requested a Greek Meal again ... or is it simply the "slave girl" they enjoyed!


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