Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Agent Smelly goes Solo at the Fonterra Science Roadshow

Last month we had the option to join some other homeschoolers in attending the Fonterra Science Roadshow.

For those of though who don't know The Fonterra Science Roadshow is a nationally travelling programme to schools and their communities. Approximately every week they set up at a "host" school and groups from other schools (and homeschoolers are welcomed too; yes there is even an option to select homeschool as name of school which always makes one feel welcome) come along and watch presentations, there's a 10 minute one at the beginning and also at the end and the rest of the time they are given the opportunity to explore various science and technology concepts by ‘touch and feel’.

Agent Smelly does not have good photography skills!

Unfortunately The Fashionista, who simply loves science was struck down by a stomach bug and had spent the night with her head in the toilet (or decorating the walls!) so wasn't going to be able to attend. Fortunately it was one of the Papa's days off so he stayed with her and I set off with Agent Smelly.

She chatted constantly the whole way there (over 30 mins each way) and admitted to me that she was really excited to be going somewhere without The Fashionista. Sometimes The Fashionista attends things without her because she is not quite old (or mature) enough for them but rarely is it the other way around. I think she felt really special and grown up going somewhere by herself.

Another smashing example of AS's photography!

Now parents are more than welcome to stay (even school children's parents are welcomed along) but as we already had 4 parents attending with our little group I had thought I would take the opportunity to let the girls go it alone and so hadn't planned to stay. I confess I was a little worried about Agent Smelly, who is the shyer of my girls being left alone, but she reassured me that she would be fine and didn't need me to stay so when I got there I placed her in the tender care of a couple of slightly older girls that she has done art and swimming classes with. Later she told me that she stayed with them throughout the 90 minute session.

After the show and during the trip home she chatted about the event with comments here and there about how she hoped she could go back again and this time with her sister (which was sweet I thought) as she just knew how much she'd love it too.

I can't really explain what she saw and learnt as she was very excited and not making a whole lot of sense, well that I could understand anyway. All I picked up was how much she had enjoyed all the things she had gotten to do and see.

She did say that at one station they could have their blood pressure tested and she was told that she had the most perfect blood pressure of all the children tested that week. The other homeschooled girl was the next closest. My mother and I discussed this later and wondered if homeshooling had anything to do with the kids having such a relaxed blood pressure ... lol I will definitely take her and her sister to another one.

She must have really had an exciting day, as this was her about an hour before her bedtime ... out like a light!

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