Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sewing up a Storm

For Christmas the girls were given a lovely sewing kit each. The Fashionista received a bunny and Agent Smelly an owl.

We haven't really had much time this first term to sew them due to our flitting about so much on holidays (I know it's a hard life for some) but it was a perfect filler during the first term break when they were looking a little bored and shall I say, becoming just a wee bit obsessed with the television!

After just requiring a little advice on how to sew the eyes and beak on, Agent Smelly did the most beautiful blanket stitch around her owl without any help.

The Fashionista did a simple over stitch on hers and of course required, nor would accept (wink), any help or advice. Hers was a little harder with the ears as they not only need to be sewn around but also across the bottom so that the stuffing didn't fall back out of the ears but, she didn't have the face to sew, just a flower and button onto the body.

Here are the finished products. I highly recommend them as everything is included although I did give the girls my needles to use as the plastic ones included were not very useful.

Both girls loved making these so much that they asked me to look out for more of them. They really are very cute and are proudly sitting on shelves in their respective bedrooms. 

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