Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Fashionista turns 10!

My first born turned 10 today, yes double digits! Those of you with children will know what I mean when I say the years have flown by.

I can clearly see her in my mind the day we brought her home from hospital, not quite a week old. She was so very tiny, like a wee doll, that she hardly fit in her car seat and had to wear premmie clothes. Her Daddy, very carefully carried her down to the car and then drove home so slowly that I thought we'd never get home. We stopped along the way, at a cafe, as I was dying for "real food" and before we knew it half the cafe was over poking their head into her capsule to see the tiny, little baby.

I don't have any of her baby pics on my lap top but here's one of her on her first birthday. I may be biased but she had beautiful eyes. Eldelry people used to comment on her eyes when we were out and she was terribly shy and used to really scowl at them ... I used to be so embarrassed.

These days she is a very smiley and friendly young lady. So very sociable and could talk the ears off a deaf man! These days I am more likely to ask her not to talk so much to the elderly people that we meet on our travels.

I love you my Little Princess.  We hope you enjoyed your special 10th party. xxxxx

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