Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Easter Egg Hunt at Night

This year, because the Papa had two very early morning starts (4am!) over the Saturday, Sunday and Monday we couldn't have an early morning Easter hunt ... the Papa loves them as much as the girls do me thinks!

So whilst the girls and the Papa were down planting a new tree in the orchard, this Mama ran outside and quickly hid 20 eggs and left their Easter baskets and torches on the front porch waiting for them. It was just getting dark early now which made it easier.

We can't hide our eggs too early as one year we found them we little mice nibbles in them (that's what you get on a farm block) so in her haste the "Easter Bunny" wasn't very clever at hiding some of them and they were slightly obvious.

They still had a great time walking around with their torches hunting out the eggs. There was one egg that they couldn't find so the Papa even went and got his big industrial torch and started helping them.

And as you can see they were rather happy with their "loot".

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