Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introducing Amelia Earhart

This term the girls wanted to study Amelia Earhart. Always happy to oblige when they actually ask to study someone, I purchased a couple of books for them and did some research on the internet.

The first book I purchased was one of the Young Patriots Series. Both my girls highly recommend these books. They mostly focus on the famous person whilst they were young and are written in a story format, which is easier for the kids to get into. I was able to give this book to the girls to simply read by themselves which made life easier. I get a bit tired with all the read alouds we do.

I also purchased a DK biography aimed at youngsters, which details Amelia's life with lots of charts, photo's and timeline, etc. This in conjunction with information we obtained off the internet has really made us be able to get a good grasp of her life. This book we used to read together, they really are not into non-fiction yet so left to their own devices they'd still be labouring over this.

These are the covers of their lap books. I like the way they decided to open them up a little differently to the normal way.

We have also made a couple of items to go inside ( have a pile of free lap booking things on Amelia Earhart which made life easier) but generally we don't assemble our lap books until we have finished making all the things that we wish to go in them. It makes assembling and fitting things in a lot easier.

This should take until the end of term to complete.

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