Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tweens and Hair Colour ... yay or nay!

I think I might be getting soft in my old age. I never thought I would let my girls put colour in their hair, but guess what we did in the New Year ... yup pink and purple ends.
The Fashionista put a bright pink through her crazy curls.
Now some of the reasons I was initially against them putting dye in their hair (despite me having done so since I was 18 or so!) was that:
  • I wanted them to know just how beautiful they are naturally and yet also didn't want them to put too much value on how they look
  • I didn't want to put chemicals on their head (actually I am still not keen on that and it's one of the reasons I let them dye the ends only)
  • I didn't want them "judged" or pigeon-holed by other people
Agent Smelly went for a purple which actually blends into her hair quite well.
Now here's why I changed my mind;
  • firstly when you ban something you make it so much more interesting and desirable to kids
  • their hair is going to keep growing so it can easily be cut off or even coloured over again. Piercings and tats are forever and we can worry about that if we ever come to it
  • surprisingly it can boost a child's confidence if it looks cool ... so many of their friends are "totes" envious of how cool their hair looks and have complimented them.
  • it gives them a chance to express some creative individuality in their own way on their "own" bodies. Their bodies belong to them, I do not own them and they need to learn that they have the final say in what can and can't be done to them.
  • we are only young and carefree once, so why not let them have fun whilst they can. We need to lighten up!
Have you ever let your kids do something that you never thought that you would? Would you let your tweens and teens colour their hair?


  1. They look really cute!! When my daughter was younger (she's 17 now) she wanted blue streaks in her blonde hair. So I got the bleach & color from the beauty supply store and did it for her. She was really happy with it and just as happy when we had to remove the color before a dance competition, leaving behind bright bleached streaks!

    I also took her to a tattoo parlor on her 16th birthday because she had wanted her belly button pierced forever. This ensured a professional did it and he was able to teach her the proper way to care for it. She hasn't ever had a problem with it.

    As for tattoos - I have 4 and would never forbid her from getting one. She has a cousin who is 3 years older and has made some unfortunate choices regarding ink. So Angela knows it's best to get something you will be able to cover up and also that a good tattoo is not going to be cheap! You need to be smart about it. I'm hoping she waits a long time on this one!!

    1. I'd so love a belly button piercing ( so agree professionals are the way to go!) but sadly these days my belly button is a little hard to find. I have two long time friends who both have nose rings and they look awesome on them but they don't interest me.

      Another dear friend and I got tattoos for our 30th birthdays; I paid for hers and she paid for mine. Love my wee tattoo but I often forget I have it as it's somewhere I can't see it. I hope my kids wait to do those things until they are old enough to make the right choices too, i.e. discreet and tasteful and not something they will come to regret.


  2. Oh I love love this post. Though the kids are still far from this stage but I'll save this one up for reference. The colour looks lovely. I am way more conservative when it comes to tattoos and piercings.

    1. Thank you or stopping by. Their colour has all gone now. TF started High School this week and they aren't allowed colour in their hair so we had it trimmed off. She was fine with it and appreciated the fun of having it coloured over her summer hols.

  3. Lisa,

    I also love this post! Hair grows. It's no big deal. I'd let my girls have fun too. You should see some of the photos of me when I was a teen/young adult. Oh my! Someone probably should have stopped me before I permed/spiked/cut/frizzed/destroyed my hair! I didn't actually dye it. I wonder why not.Maybe because of my skin colour. I once tried on a dark coloured wig. It looked absolutely ridiculous with my freckled skin. I'm definitely a redhead (even a faded one!) But then again, those perms and spikes... looked ridiculous as well. But I had a lot of fun!

    1. Lisa,

      All that talk of looking ridiculous applied to me only. Your daughters look beautiful!

    2. We all looked ridiculous in those perms ... mine was of the mushroom variety ... eek!

      Your Felicity inspired me with her lovely multi-coloured hair. I fell instantly in love with it when I saw it. Now I just keep trying to hide the grey ... I know it's vain but I do feel better when it doesn't show.


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