Monday, January 19, 2015

Post Camp Review

The Fashionista came home from camp on an absolute high ... I seriously thought that I might have had to put her on a string and let her fly out the car window on the way home. Those little footsies were not touching the ground ... she glowed!

Apparently she
  • made lots of lovely new friends
  • rode mini quadbikes
  • went on a sea biscuit in the harbour (one of those inner tubes that gets toed by boats)
  • participated in a talent quest; she danced of course
  • made crafts (see hat above - formerly all white truckers hats)
  • swam in the camp pool a lot!
  • did a confidence course
  • did archery (she stunk!)
  • used air rifles (she stunk again!)
  • participated in a sand castle competition (the group she was in won!)
  • slid down a hill on a zoom slide (see video at 2:20 mark)
  • did tobogganing down a hill
  • did some team building activities
  • had a go at BMX riding on a set track. She ended up being the only girl to make it onto the leaders board and apparently when her name was called out that evening, all the little boys in camp groaned to hear a girl had made it onto the male dominated board ... which still cracks her up when recalls it.
  • and of course because it is a Christian camp (there are lots of non-Christian children who also attend so you don't need to be Christian to attend), there were bible games, memory work and bible stories which were all good fun apparently.

Here's a video compiled by the camp organisers. TF is in a few shots but as the video is quite long, if you simply look at the 2:20 mark you will have a bit of a giggle.
Click here for the camp video

Each group of 10 girls (or boys ... they are kept separate for some things, like sleeping ... lol) is assigned an aunty (or uncle for the lads) who sleeps in their dorm room with them and basically is responsible for their every need. TF was blessed with the most wonderful young lady, Aunt V, who sadly may not be back for the next camp as she is finishing Uni this year and hopes to end up in full time employment. Aunty V did so much more for TF than simply making sure she went to bed on time, went to all her sessions, etc. She had some wonderful conversations with TF and ended up being the most wonderful mentor and example of a kind, warm and modern, open-minded Christian woman that TF herself would like to be one day. 

It turned out that TF was the only pescatarian (a vegetarian who includes seafood in her diet) or even vegetarian on the camp (surprising with over 160 kids I thought) but the lovely kitchen people made her special dishes, similar to what everyone else was eating but substituted vegetables for the meat. She was really impressed at how lovely and kind these ladies (and gentlemen) were at accommodating her dietary needs.

She is already looking forward to next years camp. So am I, Agent Smelly is going to go too, so the Papa and I will get some alone time for the first time in like FOREVER!

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