Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Sound of Music

Living in NZ there are not a lot of live theatre productions on the same scale as overseas but every year there is at least one "big one". This year it was The Sound of Music.
Now because I am slightly crazy at times, I ended up organising an evening for homeschoolers. I needed a minimum of 30 and ended up with 65 people in total as we were able to get a really good ticket price. 
Part of the singing by the Nuns was in Latin and as The Fashionista has done a bit of Latin, so my and some other parents amusement, she was quite excited at interval to blurt that she could actually understand the words they were singing. A proud nerd moment!
It was a really awesome evening out and the show was delightful. The lass who played Maria was simply amazing and the Mother Superior blew us away with her singing.
The girls, before the show, with two of their dearest homeschool friends,
 who live a few hours away but were dropped off to watch the show with us.
Here they are again after the show
Nothing like late night Churros ... nom, nom, nom.
Hamming it up on the streets of Auckland in their op shop finery.


  1. LIia,

    Your girls look so beautiful and grown up. A very special evening, I'm sure. Happy Christmas to you all!


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