Monday, October 13, 2014

Angels Out and About

During the recent school holidays an awesome gift arrived from our friend (and one of my favourite bloggers), Sue Elvis in Australia. It was a personally signed copy of her newly released book, available from Amazon, The Angels of Abbey Creek. The girls were over the moon ... there were actual squeals of delight people! 
Sue who is a home educating Mama too, has been posting pictures on her blog with her own family out and about with her new book, so 'my angels' and I decided to take it along with us when we went rock climbing recently. You will have to forgive the photo's ... some plonker forgot the camera and had to use her phone, which frankly doesn't take great pics.
Hmm, what's that in The Fashionista's hands?
And again in Agent Smelly's hands, right before she dropped it on my head!
She's not the most co-ordinated of souls.
Coming down ... and having a read!
The Angels of Abbey Creek didn't make it out from under Agent Smelly's polo ... these climbing walls were a bit of a 'stretch' for my little short angel.

My big angel with "The Angels of Abbey Creek". She had no issues
climbing up quite a few of the advanced walls. She's like spiderman!
The workers in the rock climbing place, along with many of the kids there at the same time, were wondering what in heavens we were doing taking pictures with the book and were quite impressed when we explained that it was a published book from a friend. It was rather funny with them all keen to take a look at the book.

Hopefully soon we will have a review for you. We have read part of it and so far all are enjoying it very much. Thanks Sue, you are so talented.

You can purchase your own copy of The Angels of Abbey Creek from Amazon when you click on the link.  Sue also writes an unschooling blog called Stories of an Unschooling Family aswell as Sue Elvis Writes.


  1. Lisa,

    Oh my! Thank you so much. I never imagined my book would go rock climbing. And I never imagined you'd take photos of it with your angels. You are very kind! You should see my smile. You have made my day.Thank you for all the kind words and the links! It looks like you all had a fantastic time climbing those walls. (Did you have a go?)

    1. It was a bit of a giggle ... it might turn up somewhere else next ... hmmm, I wonder. I had to belay the girls in the bigger non-automatic area Sue. I laugh to imagine my little girls trying to belay me in return ... hehe

  2. You & Sue astound me with your creativity. Here I'm still 'thinking about' writing & blogging, & you too are out doing it! Well done ladies, inspirational. Now to get my butt in gear & join in.

    1. Mari you are a born writer. Maybe when you resettle down the South Island you will find some time.

  3. Haha, what a great way to show the book! And what fun. I keep meaning to bring my boys rock climbing. Must move it up on my To Do list!

    1. Thanks. A friend in OZ once set me a rubber chicken for our dog. We enjoyed taking that around with us taking pics too. ;) We are weird like that.

      Oh yes you must take the lads. Indoor rock climbing is a perfect wet or windy weather activity too.

  4. Love it!! I've been doing similarly with our copy of The Angels of Abbey Creek. I had to buy another copy after asking one young friend to pose for a photo with it ... she got so engrossed in the story I didn't want to ask for it back!


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