Friday, October 31, 2014

On the Big Screen

Some homeschool friends from "up North" visited us recently and as they are younger and quite technically savvy they teach us something new about electronics each time they visit.
On this trip they explained to us about a cord that goes from your TV to your laptop, video camera, etc and you can watch the stuff that is being displayed on the small screen on your big screen TV.
We are just loving it. It means we can watch things off Youtube, etc on the big screen much more comfortably. We now have them on both TV's.
It also means that as soon as the kids video something it ends up being shown to us on the telly.
The pic above shows Agent Amelly showing a video of The Fashionista who had just finished taping a video of herself completing a science experiment.


  1. Lisa,

    We just bought a Chromecast which plugs into our TV and does the same thing as your cord, by the sounds of it. Anything that's on the Internet can be 'cast' onto the big screen. We're loving it too. Enjoy your Christmas big screen viewing!

    1. I can actually remember when we got our first colour TV when I was a small girl. It was the size of a portable but my brothers and I gathered around it so excitedly. Haven't we come a long way!

  2. We have some friends who watch Youtube on their TV, but we don't really bother trying to hook it up :) We have bought a new sound system recently though and mum is absolutely in love with it.

    1. Sarah, the Papa is a HUGE sports fan, so the girls and I find it handy to be able to watch something different (rugby and cricket are not our thing!), so YouTube comes in handy. There's only so may times we can watch Harry Potter and The Hunger Games on DVD ... lol


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