Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Lovely Mother's Day

Today the girls treated me to the most lovely Mother's Day.

I jumped out of bed (OK slowly hauled my fat butt out bed) at 7.00 am and jumped into the shower, thinking that I'd better get moving and feed the girls cause Daddy was at work. When I emerged I was made to get back into bed by my two bossy little girls (where do they get that from I wonder?). I was then served, luke-warm / cold baked beans on soggy toasted muffins served on one of their plastic toy box lids, as they couldn't find the breakfast tray, along with a really lovely cuppa (Miss 7 may have a new job!), while both of them propped on my bed intently watching me eat every bite. I made the appropriate yummy noises for them (cold baked beans grow on a person ... ;) ).

When I finish my cuppa, they escorted me down to the lounge for another surprise ... wooohhooooo. A lovely homemade card, beautiful homemade new bookmark and under a big pink sheet I found a new wireless printer, copier, fax, scanner. So love MY family, just what I wanted and need!

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