Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Fashionista farewells the Tooth Fairy ...

Now of course my children understand there is no tooth fairy but even so this has not stopped either myself or the kids still indulging in a little bit of fun and make believe. My girls tell me I am a nut but, they simply love it and I enjoy bringing laughter into their lives.

Well last Saturday morning The Fashionista had to have her last baby tooth removed. It has been loosely hanging for the past week (perfect timing with starting school) and kept bleeding whilst she ate. I tried pliers much to her horror but was unsuccessful and thought a professional might be best under the circumstances. Not to mention she kept running away whenever she saw me coming near her ... haha

Now TF is petrified of the dentist (no idea why there have been no bad experiences) and was starting to make a few whimpers in the dentist chair so I kept talking to her to keep her calm and somehow ended up saying that if she was really brave then the 'tooth fairy' would bring her $10 because it was her last tooth ... the things we say and do!  Anyway she was really good about getting it out and afterwards had to clamp down on medical padding for nearly 3 hours afterwards as the darn area kept bleeding. She remained quite calm and good about it all, so she definitely deserved a treat.

So I not only popped $10 into her little white 'April' jar that we have used over the years for her teeth and dusted glitter, pink of course, but wrote 'bye' in it (hey this is her last visit) with a trail to one of her beautiful faeries made by Wildflower Innocence.  Yup that's the kind of person I am. She of course loved it and when I suggested she could wipe it up now, she said "Noooo, it's too cute". She did remove her cash and stash it though.

So my first baby has now lost all of her baby teeth (and apparently requires braces due to over crowding ... sigh ... kaching, kaching) yet another sign that she is maturing into a young lady.

Funnily enough Agent Smelly was at a birthday party whilst we were at the dentist and came home with one of her front teeth that had fallen out whilst chewing a 'skittle'.

By the way if you order a doll (check out her site as there are all kinds of dolls, not just faeries) from the talented Suzanne at Wildflower Innocence, let her know we sent you, she's a friend and a homeschooler too!  Which reminds me I must ask her about some Easter bunny dolls for the little Misses.


  1. That is so cute. We do the pink glitter/fairy dust here too.
    Our tooth fairy is a little overgenerous... $2 a tooth !! I'll be broke by the time they both lose all their baby teeth. ;)

    1. My mum left $2 for one of the kids whilst we were staying with her in OZ once on holiday. I remember the kids wanting to send all their tooth to her after that! They even, bless their socks, worked out the exchange rate and decided it was even better too!


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