Friday, April 18, 2014

Meet our latest addition, Miss Melody

When Agent Smelly got Rory (our totally mad dog!) as her very own pet, The Fashionista was pretty upset as she also wanted a pet too.

Her papa and I discussed it and said that as long as it wasn't another dog then we'd consider it. After much tossing ideas around and lots of investigation she settled on wanting an English Angora Rabbit.

Bad camera photo!
So as part of her birthday gift she received a beautiful lilac/blue (?) baby girl whom she name Melody but gets Melli most of the time. Melli arrived about a week before her birthday as we had to her transported from another district. And even though she is going to kill me for letting you all know this, there were tears when she opened her eyes and saw her on her lap for the first time. It was so cute!

This little monster spends her days outside in a big run and cage and her nights bouncing around her mistresses bedroom before being placed in her new big cage to spend the night. Her breed is very, very, very fluffy and she is groomed every morning or she will matt. One her adult hair comes in around 8-9 months we can start using it to spin for wool. How awesome will that be!

These rabbits are quite amazing and so very tame. She follows us around the house (when Rory is outside as he in love with her!) and even hops over to lay down beside Scruffie. She has recently learnt how to hop onto her mistresses bed for a snuggle in the mornings.

Why do all our animals seem to think they are human?


  1. Oh, how beautiful! Maybe we should have got a rabbit instead of a dog. Too late now. I'm sure Nora would fall in love with a rabbit, just like Rory, but she's not getting one!

    1. I wish we'd got her instead of that big dufus Rory. He is still so very naughty and is such a handful and I can so do without all the slobbery kisses all the time, especially at 5am in the morning! I bet Nora is so better behaved than him! She is so cuddly Sue, Hana uses her as a neck warmer at times ... lol

  2. She is stunning!!! Have you tried the pee pads yet, or have you litter trained her? Keep the photos of her coming!!

    1. Yes we are training her on the pads at the moment but we will progress to a littler box as she gets older (and I can find a good one!). There are a billion photos of her already as you can imagine with two besotted girls in the house.


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