Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Laser Tag at the Waiakto Show

This past week we had the opportunity to attend our local Show (bit like a state fair) with one of the local homeschool groups. We had never been to this one before and as it was only $5 a ticket we decided to give it a try without really knowing what it was all about.

On arrival, each child in our "school group" was given a booklet and inside the booklet were different activities for them to complete in the different areas of the show.

There was an area with clubs and groups (scouts, tramping, doc, etc.), services (diabetes foundation, education dept, cancer group, etc)  a petting area for the kids, international area, safety and emergency services area, alpacas (babies above ... mwaw) and lots of vendors, etc.

Once they had answered the questions, or completed the activities in their book pertaining to that area, they had to find the person (in that area) in an orange vest, who gave them a sticker to say they'd completed that challenge. Once all their sections received stickers the children could place their completed back into a competition bin. We never got through it all but still they had lots of fun working on them.

Agent Smelly and Miss R
It transpired shortly after we arrived that we didn't need to stick with our own groups and could wander around on our own, so we ended up joining some dear homeschooling friends of ours who had come with another group (two of her lovely girls are great friends of mine)and we set off around the place together. Our tickets even included one free ride for the kids. Unfortunately the choices were limited to the smaller rides.

The laser tag course.
At 3pm, when the school groups had gone for the day, we wandered over to the exit, fully prepared to go home once the children had a go on the FREE laser tag course ... hmmm two hours later and we finally got away!!!! The last of the homeschooling families had congregated there and so all but one child was homeschooled ended up on the course. They all had a blast!

Mrs C and I were in fits of laughter watching our mostly delicate girls holding their "first" guns, especially as the gun was nearly bigger than her tiny little six year old. We were being rather silly making jokes about it being another magic moment in a mother's life seeing her wee girls holding their first guns etc. The lovely British guy who was taking the sessions yelled at them as though they were a new set of recruits in the army (he was quite awesome with the kids) whilst Mrs C and I heckled and cheered from the side lines, we assured him that they had heard worse yelling from their mums, much to his amusement. Mrs C even joined in towards the end but I was far too tired to bother. Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!

The Fashionista and Miss H

"It was an awesome day" in the words of one of my children.

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