Monday, February 24, 2014

Mr Bluenose - Book Review

Mr Bluenose by Kiwi Author Jack Lasenby

This is a very funny book about a young boy (you never find out his name) living in a small NZ town, with just his dad who is really nice, back in the olden days. He gets up to all kinds of  mischief and funny stuff.

Mr Bluenose is a local farmer from overseas, who helps doing odd jobs for. Mr Bluenose tells some awesome stories to the kid, the kid tells them to Mr Bryce, the shopkeeper, and if the story is good enough the shop keeper might give him some boiled lollies. He LOVES boiled lollies as does Mr Bluenose, his dad and Horse, who is really a horse.

A couple of local boys were always trying to steal apples from Mr Bluenose's orchard, so Mr Bluenose with the boys help sets out some boy traps which included a funny ghost. It was so funny. 

The boy also told some whopper stories to some of his mates which scared them. They were really naught but funny too. His poor dad was always getting visits from their parents asking for him not to tell them scary stories anymore as their kids were having bad dreams.

I thought this was such a good story, I almost wanted to read it again.

By Sammi (Age 9)

A delightful, whimsical story of a young rapscallion set during the days when a fresh banana was a great treat, people waited for the train to deliver the daily newspaper to town, and kids played marbles on the corner roads. Some new words, or rather an introduction to some old words, along with some very kiwi words. Did you know "chutty" (or chuddy) is an old slang word for chewing gum ... my hubby did! This book was an unexpected find (in one of those cheap book bins) and it has made us eager to try some more Jack Lasenby books.

The Mama (over age 9)


  1. Sammi,

    I enjoyed your book review very much. 'Mr Bluenose' (isn't that a fabulous name?) sounds like the sort of book my daughters would like. I looked at our library catalogue and discovered it has a Jack Lasenby book called 'Billy and Old Smoko'. I shall look for it next time we are at the library.

    Thank you for your review!


    I just love the words: 'I almost wanted to read it again'!

    1. Thanks Sue, she comes out with some classic lines sometimes. We have 'Billy and Old Smoke' ... oh how I wish there more hours in the day to get through all these books we have and want to read. :)

  2. I wish a fresh banana was still great treat, instead of all the junk that is available today.
    Great review, I will check out Jack Lasenby, I hadn't heard of him before.

    1. I know what you mean re the bananas. The poor kids are bombarded with all kind of sweets in shops each time we go out, no wonder they are tempted. Miss 9 is really bad with sweeties too. We have just started making ice cream with frozen bananas as I have developed an interest in raw foods. It is really yummy!


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