Monday, February 10, 2014

Aboriginal Art

As we are hoping to head over to Aussie for a month, I have kind of been mixing things up a bit with our Australian studies. I would like to visit a few places so have brought some subjects forward a bit so that when visit some places on my list, they will understand it better and the excursions will give it more meaning.

So this week we jumped ahead to doing some work on the Australian Aboriginals. We read a couple of books, had a discussion on the Aboriginal people and culture. We did not get into it to deeply as we will save that for later when we have more time and then we followed that up with them looking at some aboriginal art online and then doing some by themselves.

I left them too and came back in a wee while later and this is when the mummy fail moment happened. I told Agent Smelly how awesome the whale she was working on was looking (Bottom right corner) ... she pointed out that it was a lizard. Oh dear! You would think I would know better! I did love her fireworks at the top.

The Fashionista has drawn a snake with some patterns. They really enjoyed making these and are keen to do them again.

Then Agent Smelly came out like this ... they decided to start painting themselves for a Corroborree. I do love it when they do crazy stuff like this because they have been inspired by something we have read or done!

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