Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ancient Greece

We've been covering a fair bit of ancient Greece in our Story of the World history book recently. Mostly it's been about waring. Now between us wars don't really appeal to my two girly girls so I have been making sure to add some activities that I think will keep them better interested.

Recently after their book work, I had the girls make Greek chitons.

They machine sewed a simple piece of cotton material together and turned it so the seam was on the inside. They place the seam at the back and then sewed a couple of buttons onto their chitons on the shoulders. Can I cross credit that with home economics too ... yeah, why not.

Here's Agent Smelly in hers ... the waist tie are those tie backs from our drapes ... hehe
Here's the Fashionista in hers. We didn't have enough material to make them wider, thus fuller which would have been more realistic. It was simply material I found in my scrap box ... had I been more organised (famous last words) I could have bought some to use.

I had to include this ... check out Agent Smelly's tartan socks ... it was cold!

The girls decided that they had put so much work into them that they had to wear them for the remainder of the day!  This is what the Papa walked in on that night ... two Greek Goddesses playing a board game.

These have now gone into the dress-up box ... and I am sure will be pulled out again and again. They were pretty chuffed with them.
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  1. Absolutely impressed!! and yes I can imagine they will get re-used.

    1. You know Erin I was thinking that next time they dress up I should join in. There shall be no photos though ... lol

  2. I think the head bands and waist ties really made the chitons look great! I would count it as home economics. It takes a lot of work to make clothes.

    1. Thanks, I am hoping they will end up making their own clothes in the future ... the though of two fashion aware teen girls fills me with fear ... lol


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