Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Nature Walk around Town

I am not a fan of winter people. I do not like the cold, and absolutely hate the wind and I loathe being stuck in the house for days on end. And don't get me started on colds and the flu ... as we are just all getting over a particularly nasty one. One of those old fashioned ones with the sort throat, ears, chills and massive fevers that takes you ages to get over as you have no energy for days.

So I have made the decision this season to take advantage of any nice days and drop the bookwork and get the girls out and about in the sun and fresh air.

Well recently we had a lovely sunny winters day so I packed up the girls with some snacks (fruit, carrots, etc) and drinks and we went into town and grabbed a cup of hot chips. We then popped up to our local domain where we hid from the wind in the Scout / Guide Den entrance, and had an impromptu lunch / picnic. The girls were overjoyed.

Our domain and Guide Den are surrounded by farm land and some wild sections of bush so we headed off for a wee walk.

We had our binoculars and nature journals as we had hoped to spot some birds but we only saw a couple of sparrows ... the birds were hiding from the wind I think.

We did spot a pile of Monarch butterflies.

And found some structures that some kids possibly made sometime.

Despite us only going 5 minutes into town and it being an area that we visit all the time, it was the first time we have just spent an hour or so wandering up and down the hills and across the wee creeks, etc. Both girls kept asking if we could do it again and if I am honest I also felt pretty good after a stroll in the brisk air. Thankfully where we live in NZ, whilst the nights get very cold the days can be quite nice on occasion. Let's hope I am inspired to do it  again ... best laid plans and all that.


  1. Not a winter fan here either and luckily it doesn't snow here, ever.

    1. The only thing I like about winter is some of the clothing. Boots, jackets and hats are pretty stylie.

  2. Lisa,

    It's good to see you back! I've missed your posts. I hope you're feeling much better.

    I enjoyed hearing about your winter's day adventure. Sometimes we take thermos flasks of hot chocolate and go down to the lake on a cold day. If it's too miserable to eat outside, we huddle in the van and steam up all the windows while we have a picnic. The girls love doing that!

    I have to thank you for all your NZ book and DVD recommendations. We've been enjoying them very much. I have a couple of questions I hope you don't mind answering... Do you live on North Island or South? And do you use the American words fall, math, mom or do you use the words autumn, maths and mum like us? I noticed Rosie Boom's books use American English and just wonder if this was because she wanted to market her books in the US.

    I can highly recommend the NZ book, The Drovers Road Collection by Joyce West, if you haven't yet read it. It really was one of the best books we've read for a long time.

    1. Finally back ... just haven't had the energy or desire of late.

      We live in the North Island. If you look on a map we are midway between Auckland and Hamilton (about an hour South of central Auckland).

      How funny, we definitely use the same words as you do in Aussie. I had to go look as I couldn't remember MOM being in my copy. Rosie's books that we have use the words mum and autumn, (not sure about maths unless I have a good look). There must be two versions, one for the US market which you must have gotten. How bizarre, especially when they are published by an Australia company. We are hoping to meet Rosie soon at something I am trying to organise.

      I have added that Drovers Road Collection to my list of must haves, based on one of your earlier posts. It sounds like something my girls would really enjoy. I have also just ordered My Place ... :)

  3. Lisa,

    I thought you used the same English as us. The Rosie Boom books confused me! I bought the ebook versions from Kobo. They must be the US market versions. How exciting you are going to meet Rosie! The girls are really enjoying her books.

    It's always great to swap book ideas!


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