Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Makes A Bird A Bird?

Today we completed Chapter 2 of Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.

After completing the lapbooking pages, that we are using to accompany the text book, we set up a bowl of bird seed outside the front door, and before long had a pile of wee sparrows come down for a feed. We watched and listened to them and were amazed at what we  noticed after reading about the calls and songs and actions they make. We were particularly fascinated by two of them, which we assume may have been males, flapping their wings and calling at each other, obviously trying to claim the feeder.

We then moved onto making some bird feeders from pine cones.

First the girls applied some very expensive 100% organic natural peanut butter (only the best for our bird life apparently) over the pine cones with their hands. The expressions were priceless!

They then pressed some of Joe's bird uneaten seed onto that very expensive 100% organic natural peanut butter.

Side note; Joe now thinks she's a chicken.She lives amongst the chooks flying down to join them in pecking at the chicken food as we dish it out to the chickens morning and night. She's also now roosting inside the chook house too, rather than her tree or specially built dove house right next to the hen house ... poor confused dove, she's even laid eggs!

The girls tied some strings onto their pine cones and then went and tied them in some trees. They've placed them in different areas of the block and are planning to see if one is favoured more than another, despite them both being made from the same very expensive 100% organic natural peanut butter and bird seed.

Despite this being a very simple and easy activity (we did it when they were preschoolers) they really enjoyed making them up and going out together and hanging them somewhere.

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