Monday, March 11, 2013

Playing school with the Papa

When you homeschool you can work anywhere you want to. I often say to the girls they can sit outside, lay on their bed, under the dining table and do their bookwork and reading wherever they want. Despite this they generally can be found within 3 inches of me!

This week I was unwell so I requested that they simply do a couple of easy things, like handwriting and math whilst I rested up. The Papa took the day off to look after the girls and I didn't want to make things to difficult for him but at the same time, rather than give them the day off, I rather evilly let him spend some time in my shoes supervising some work.

I came out later in the morning to see how things were going and this is what I spied ...

Apparently they went and set these tables up in the lounge and then made the Papa sit in a chair nearby like a teacher would. They even asked him to give them a spelling test so I had to find a spelling book for them to use and then they made him grade them!

I laughed my head off and went back to bed.

By the way recently I suggested them trying school if they wanted and they were dead against it but they do so enjoy "playing school" ... go figure!

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  1. Lisa,

    This story made me smile too! I hope Papa enjoyed playing teacher!


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