Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools Day ...

It's April Fools Day and I just realised that I forgot to trick The Fashionista before I dropped her off at the bus stop this morning, so I decided that I would simply have to text her and this is what has transpired ...
Now first of all we have a painter in doing the spare room, bathroom, hallway off her bedroom, etc. at the moment. It's quite early and he isn't here yet but that didn't stop me.

Me: "Sonny tripped and got paint all over you room!!! So cross right now"

TF: "Over the carpet or walls????"
Me: "Both!!! Bookshelf, door, wall!!!!"
TF: "On my stuff?"
TF again: "I'll murder him"  (someone needs some sleep ... )
TF again: "What was he doing in my room anyway?"
Me: "little bit ... it's 'mostly' coming off" (I was replying to the first line with my old lady fingers but she was firing them through)

TF: "Brilliant! Just great!"

Me: "by the way Happy Aril Fools Day. :p "


  1. Lisa,

    You've gone from the very serious (last post) to the funny. I want to know how TF was planning to murder the painter. I have old lady fingers too. It amazes me how quickly kids can text. I find it such hard work. You have completed day 1 of the A-Z challenge. Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  2. LOL - I didn't know people did April fools day here in NZ. That is until I flushed the toilet and the water refilled red, then my mouse didn't work, and when I turned it over I found a note that said, "happy April Fools day." By the way, perfect A.

  3. Tee hee. You know she'll get her own back next year, don't you? ;-) My 11 yo is away with Scouts and my son forgot it was April Fools, so I was spared. I feel rather sorry for the Scout leaders, in a chalet withfifteen 11-14 year olds. (But looking forward to hearing the stories...)

  4. I like your April Fool's prank! It was simple, yet effective. None of my sons played any pranks yesterday, which is a bit of a relief. Their best prank was when they tricked their father into thinking they had just kicked a soccer ball and broken the brand-new soon-to-be-installed solar panels that were sitting on the patio. He went racing out of the house in a fury to find three sons waiting to call April Fools on him.

    1. Oh that is brilliant ... Dad's are so easy to catch out we find.

  5. Perfect plan! I wish I had thought of something cool to do. I didn't even realize it until it was too late. One day I will get day. =)


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