Saturday, November 15, 2014

Family Fantasy Night

The local primary school PTA organised a FAMILY FANTASY NIGHT (pirates, mermaids, gypsies, etc.) as their yearly fundraiser last night.

The PTA had organised lots of games, demonstration, raffles, stalls and food stations set up but the big draw card was the FREE outdoor cinema set up for later in the evening.

As we have lived in this small town for so many years and we know so many people I was able to drop the girls there early to meet some friends, hand them my mobile and some cash and then head home (2 mins away) until it was nearly time for the movie to start.

Big blow Up Screen on the school field, taken before it got dark.

We grabbed some $2 burgers from the PTA's food stall and with the thermos of hot chocolate and snacks I had, we settled on our picnic rug with sleeping bags and pillows. I have got to say despite the rather cold weather (summer has been late arriving in NZ this year!) and the fact that the movie showing was The Princess Bride it was a fun evening.
Seriously The Princess Bride is supposed to be a bit of a cult movie but The Fashionista and I simply cannot understand the attraction to it.
Taken just before the movie started, as you can see excited much!

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