Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Drawing Success

Agent Smelly eats, breathes and lives mermaids. So today for art I pulled up this You Tube tutorial How to Draw a Mermaid and set the girls to work. They absolutely LOVED doing this.
First they were taken through the step by step drawing in pencil.
Then they used markers to outline the final picture
Then they got to colour them in.
They enjoyed this so much so that they ended up doing another one on drawing a cartoon whale.

The Fashionista was happy with her pictures but it was pretty amazing to hear Agent Smelly so excited over hers. She usually complains that she can't draw. She told me when showing me her pictures, "Mama I am so proud of myself". Obviously a pretty awesome homeschooling moment.


  1. Great pics! And yes, a fabulous homeschooling moment!

    1. It's great when a child who is not confident in something realises that in fact they can do it!

  2. our children love youtubes for art too!

    1. I have been really slow to get on the You Tube train and only wish I'd used it earlier and for more.


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